Clash royale

Join our group in clash royale for Fun And New clan wars Every week! Name: juoy.

Tip: How to Get trade tokens to be able to trade with your clan:


Note: You need to be able to have at least a level 8 king tower to do this.

First go to the last option which is the events place where you can play events, play one and win it. If you get a chest or anything other the trade tokens then try again and battle until you earned a trade token. If you Did not see anything then go to your clan and press request cards, then go to the top and you will see a trade button, then there will be your trade tokens and you can Now trade!

Watch this video for glitches and funny moments:

Powerful card combos:

Note: You might want to use the mode in party infinite elixir or triple elixir

The 12 main arenas:

1: goblins arena

arena 2: Bone pit

Arena 3: Barbarian bowl

4: pekka's playhose

Arena 5: