Imposter is a fun game to play! Two imposters are chosen and the rest are innocents. The innocents have to do tasks to repair the ship and imposters have to kill all the innocents. Imposters cannot die. When innocents die they become ghosts. Ghosts know who the imposters are but they cannot chat to alive people. Ghosts can also help do tasks and are invisible to alive people. Long story short, imposters win by killing all the innocents and innocents win by fully repairing the ship. Oh, and also if somebody found information about the imposter(s), they can call an emergency meeting. If you found a dead body, you can interact with it and an emergency meeting will automatically begin. In emergency meetings, people vote who is the imposter and whoever gets the most votes will be kicked out of the game. Imposters can lock doors and do tasks that destroys the ship. For example, imposters can infiltrate the oxygen compacity. Imposters can also go through vents. Now u are ready to play! ψ(`∇´)ψ

WE are working on the tips and tricks!