Now you probably know how to play arsenal already, if not, here is a video! (On the top)

Now that you know lets get into some tips and tricks!:

1: Don't be so focused on the game; Arsenal is just a game, man, relax and don't slam your computer if your stressed, your legit raging at a lego game right now. So you lost, count to 10 and dont slam your desktop

2: Download fps unlocker; Fps is a critical thing that helps you get better at the game. Useing fps unlocker can help your fps go up! So download it Here and start playing!

3: Use aim trainers. The one i would reccomend on roblox is a game called Aimstars , But it costs 100 robux. If you cant afford the 100 robux game, use a game similar and free game called Arcade fps