Rise of Nations

Rise of nations is a fun, multiplayer, Grand strategy game based on The game HOI4

Here's a quick tutorial if you haven't played:

Credits to:

Network Paradox

Now, Lets get into some tips and tricks.

The first thing your gonna want to do, if your in a new server is to pick the higher ranked countries (Russia, Germany, Brazil etc.)

2: If you declare war on a nation and bring your troops forward the moment you declare, its not a good idea, Because the troops on the other side are trenched, meaning in a trench, And believe me, I've lost 300K troops to a smaller 75K troops just because of that, Your gonna want to wait until the enemy moves, and then slam them. Since they are moving they cant be trenched.

3: If your attacking the colder countries, (Russia, Canada etc) Or the Hot ones with desert,, (Egypt, South Africa etc.), You should attack where the temperature is just right, so you can attract the enemy's troops to you, that way, you won't go through more deaths then you normally will, after that, You can continue on.

4: Always keep an eye on your taxes because they can mean a lot.

5: if you are planning to attack a country with a powerful ally, first ally the the powerful ally they have, and once you declare, immediately unally the powerful guy, so they cant attack you since you will be in a truce temporarily.

6: Always, Have a navy if your a Island nation, (Japan, U.K etc.,) Or your country will be in a million pieces.

7: Always look at the event choices carefully, It can do a huge damage if you press the wrong thing!