Here You will get notifed if Arsenal has a Update!!!

Halloween update: 2020-10-26

Update logs: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/arsenal-halloween/838978

And if you Dont want to click the link, heres the logs!

Six new kill effects: BatMorph, Chains, Coffin, Dramatic Death, Spooked, & Sweetsplosion

Ten new weapon skins: Bones, Candied, Candies, Candles, Cartoony Ghost, Hallowed Crystals, Police Tape, Pumpkins, Skulls, & Webs

Twelve new unusuals: Angel, Bat Colony, Corrupted Angel, Evil Inside You, Horned Soul, Infected Darkness, One of Many Faces, Rave In The Grave (comes in Green, Orange & Purple), Stormy, & Strange Eye of Man

Introducing Chaoticrypt, Hackula’s Castle, & Monastery to the map pool!

Emotes: Brew, Crazy Chainsaw, Headtrick, Startle, & Witches’ Broom

weapons: Acid Spitter, Dispenser, Soul Pistol, & TP Launcher

Melees: Balloon Sword, Candleabra, Electronic Stake, Fire Poker, Garlic Kebab, Handy Candy, Pumpkin Bucket, & Pumpkin Staff

Charecters: Agetha, Alchemist Plauge Doctor, Beckoned Pirate, Day of the Dead: Skullbetro & Skullrita, Fallen Veteran, Frank, Gaslight Detective, Ghastelle, Ghost of Developing, Gnome, Grug, Hackula, Hazmat, Marionette, Molten Slasher, Mummy, Phanitina, Pumpking, Reaper, RottingRouser, Skullmander, Tetra, Vahn, Witch, Zombella, Zombert