Minecraft tricks

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How to create a secret entrance.

First, you need to make a door frame. Put a door inside it.

Open the door.

Then you need to place a painting on it.

Now go through the painting. Voila! You created a secret painting door!

Easy enderman mob farm

Warning= you need some ender pearls for this farm.

First, Prepare a name tag with an anvil.

Second, at ground level, build a 3 block high tower, place a rail on it and place a minecart on the rail.

Place a ring of trapdoors around the base of the tower and dig a 43 block drop. The drop will kill the enderman.

How to do the Water Bucket Clutch:

First, you need to equip a Water Bucket in your inventory slot.

Then, Jump from a high place, and lock your eye onto where you will land (Figure this out by looking straight down)

When you are at a height of about 5 blocks, immediately place the water down at your eye is locked in.

When your done, VOILA!! You have completed the water bucket MLG.